K. Paul Maurer, Associate Pastor, The Chapel


Photo by by Leaha Meinika

The mission of K. Paul Maurer, Associate Pastor of The Chapel, corner of W. Hamilton and Covington roads, Fort Wayne, is captured in one phrase: ‘helping people grow.’

“I believe that people who are learning more about following Jesus Christ are growing closer to their maker and living more fully for Him here on Earth,” he said.

According to Maurer that happens most effectively with The Chapel’s Life Groups — small groups designed for the purpose of caring, belonging and accountability—and all lessons engrained within him from the influential women in his life.

He has been blessed, he said, with great women in his family and on his team as pastor. They are inspirational women whom he respects, and whom he has been able to encourage and inspire toward all God has for them.

“I had two beautiful sisters and one incredible mother who gave me some of the greatest gifts possible. They never stopped believing that God was preparing the right girl for my future… they gave me tips on how to make her feel cherished. They let me practice being a gentleman! More than anything, they taught me how to love and how to be loved,” Maurer said. “ They taught me how to find the most precious woman of my life — my best friend and lovely wife, Bethany. As we come to our fourth anniversary, I now more than ever, realize the beauty and wonder of God’s incredible handiwork in my wife and… in my life.”

Through both personal and pastoral experience, Maurer has learned a few key precepts to make a marriage feel blessed always:

  • “Make your wedding day about your marriage, not about the ceremony.
  • I highly recommend Marriage Mentoring: connecting with a couple, using guided content that helps you learn more about your future spouse and yourself.
  • Don’t feel like you need to break the bank for your wedding day. Be smart, budget wisely and keep it focused on what really matters.
  • Remember marriage is not about you. It’s about you serving and loving the other person.”
  • And a final bit of advice? “Dance in the kitchen as much as possible!”

What’s With The Shoes?

You may have noticed each he glows’ photo includes a pair of women’s shoes. Why? The shoes represent the women who encouraged, influenced, loved and helped shape our he glows’ subjects into amazing, admirable glo-worthy men.

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