July Date Night

Shouldn’t date night be a routine for us all? Of course it should. So grab your man, follow our plan and enjoy….


Getaways from the hustle of daily routines, work stress and mounting to-do’s are important for our own mental health—and they help strengthen the bonds we have with our loves. So, grab your hiking boots (or tennis shoes) and day-trip to nature’s wooded trails. Then, breathe. Relax. Hold his hand. And really see what’s before you. And most of all, don’t rush. It’s not about reaching the trail’s end; it’s about the journey.

Stop and smell the roses. Lay in the grass barefoot, watch wildlife and discuss your hopes, dreams, childhood memories… and whatever other topics may arise.

Must Have’s

Get Digital

digital cameraYou’re on a hike to avoid distractions—so pack a digital camera and leave your cell phone in the car! Just you, the wilderness and the man you love…

These Boots are Made for Walking … yes, and that’s just what they’ll do. Wear comfortable hiking boots or lace up your fave pair of sneakers. Be ready for uneven trails, some climbing—and whatever else may approach your pathway.

Picnic Blanket

picnic-blanketNo, it’s not over-the-top. And when you stop to rest, you’ll be glad to have it. Pack a lightweight blanket to spread on the grass. Kick off your shoes, feel the grass beneath your toes, relax and soak in the scenery—and the wilderness around you, too.


date night backpackHave this packed and ready… fill just with the day’s necessities. Nothing else. And if it’s still too heavy? If your man’s a gent, he’ll carry it for you anyway.

The Outfit

date night hiking outfitKeep the day’s outfit sporty and comfortable. Bring some shades along, too, to shield the sun. And just a hint… men like hiking boots with shorts. Just sayin’.

Water for Two

Date Night water for twoDon’t forget to bring water. Pack an extra few bottles for your man. You’ll need to hydrate plenty during your hike so why not show your preparedness? Every man likes a woman who thinks ahead.


mini-vinoSo you’re relaxing on a blanket. You’ve already hydrated with water. Why not present a few plastic wine glasses, mini bottles of wine and a few chocolate-covered strawberries (that hopefully haven’t melted!)? Sound too mushy? So what. He’ll like it anyway (as will you) and he’ll love you more for the forethought.

Then, listen to the birds, hear the buzz of the bees and be enveloped in nature, silence and serenity. We think you both deserve it.

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