Jonah Crismore Executive Director of The Cinema Center

Written By Drema Drudge, Feature Writer | Photo by Bonnie Manning, Feature Photographer Chic shoes (Sam Edelman Opal/Leopard Heels, RTV: $130) provided by Carson’s, Glenbrook Shopping Center

Jonah Crismore He Glows

“Embrace contradictions,” advises Jonah Crismore, executive director of Fort Wayne’s Cinema Center ( for the past two years. “These contradictory thoughts are what make us human.” The thought-provoking film experiences at the non-profit cinema dedicated to independent and art-house movies, embody this advice. Crismore, a Fort Wayne native, says his parents provided him with a “perfect childhood.” Growing up in Indiana in the ’90s gave him fond memories of watching The Bulls and trying (and “failing spectacularly,” he says) to imitate them on the basketball court. His wife, Amanda, a Web developer at the Allen County Public Library is his most trusted sounding board. The couple enjoys playing with their two dogs, taking long drives and “backpacking in remote areas that have no cell phone service.” Women play a large role in the Cinema Center, too. The nonprofit’s board consists primarily of women, as have most the Cinema Center’s interns and members — something Crismore appreciates, especially as the organization begins to tentatively explore the possibility of a multi-venue film festival. Crismore’s love of intellectual pursuits is apparent as well in his bucket list desire to one day read James Joyce’s “Finnegan’s Wake.” But lest you think him too stodgy, two of his favorite hobbies are playing video games and watching action movies.

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