Jennifer Wright owner of Urban Body Yoga

jennifer-wrightJennifer Wright, RN, owner of Urban Body Yoga, was working as an RN at Community Hospital in Indianapolis when the hospital offered free yoga classes to nurses. After the second class, Wright said she knew then and there yoga was going to be a big part of her life.

She left her career as a nurse and embarked on a journey to discover her life purpose through yoga and wellness. Today she is not only the owner of Urban Body Yoga, but also a Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Teacher and nutritional specialist. “I believe the meaning of life is to discover one’s purpose and then to share it with others. Working in wellness versus working with disease is my life purpose, and at Urban Body Yoga I am sharing my purpose with others.”

More times than not, that is the theme of Wright’s personal yoga and wellness dedication. This theme of ‘more times than not’ is meant to help create balance versus perfection. “My husband and I keep a calendar in our kitchen and it is our goal and to eat clean more times than not during the week. We place a red ‘X’ over each successful day, and at the end of each week we count up the days, with the intended goal of four or more ‘X’s during the course of the week.”

When it comes to changing women’s lives, Wright said she does so first and foremost by offering them a special place (Urban Body Yoga) that welcomes and meets them just where they need to be met, while at the same time encourages them to work to the edge on their yoga mat and in their life. “It’s the walking on the edge part that creates real, lasting change,” Wright said. “By stepping out of their comfort zone, they step into confidence and power; and over time into their best selves possible.”

Being real with other women is important to Wright. She lives by the mantra, ‘I become great by making others great.’ “I share my struggles as well as successes, and let women know I am committed to growth,” she said. “A commitment to growth gives me space to make mistakes, trying new things even though I might fail. I also continue to be a student so that I can continue to grow into the best possible me.”

Wright has had the opportunity to mentor other women and said it is her most favorite thing to do in the entire world. “Being a leader who creates leaders is my life’s work. Some of these gals have turned into some of my very best friends,” she said.

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