It’s NOT Your Grandmother’s Wallpaper!

Wallpaper, or wall-covering, is making a comeback. And your grandmother won’t believe the new ways you can add drama, texture or shine to any room. Modern wallpaper designs that look like fabric, wood, natural stone, cement or metal are just a few of the striking interior decorating trends that wall-coverings create.

Have bad memories of tearing off old wallpaper? Fear not! Today’s wallpapers are so much easier to remove. Improved adhesives and proper preparation make all the difference. There are even temporary wallpapers that you can pull off and simply wipe the wall beneath with a damp sponge.

Grasscloth was popular in the ‘70s, but today’s versions have a more refined look. Available in a variety of colors and textures, grasscloth can be woven into just about any design concept. It’s even eco-friendly!

Other textured wallpapers include recycled wood, glass and sand; embellishments with embroidery, crystals, metallic—even hammered metal discs are available. These accents add texture without distraction; glamour without glitz. There are shimmering wallpapers made with specialty inks that create luminous metallic shades. Distinctive murals can express your personality and be your room’s inspiration.

Where have I used wallpaper to take advantage of its artistry? Powder rooms, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms, dining rooms, rec rooms, offices, kitchens and the back wall of bookcases.

In a powder room or bathroom, use a large graphic that adds dimension. I love a two-tone pattern with shimmery details.

In a master bedroom, paper behind the bed and enhance the natural focal point of the room. A paper with sheen can add romance. Select a design and repeat it in other items in the room such as pillows, area rug, art and perhaps the shape of a mirror.

Don’t have a natural focal point in your living room? Use wallpaper behind your sofa that features crystals or metal discs that are hand applied. Lights will sparkle! Do you prefer a nature-inspired look? I have used a “log look” paper hung horizontally to create a subtle log cabin feel. Hung horizontally on the short wall of a long room, it will visually widen the space.

Do you have a long, narrow hallway? The addition of wallpaper will eliminate its humdrum appearance. Use a durable vinyl and you will find that it wears better than paint.

If you don’t have time or patience to leaf through copious wallpaper books, call an interior designer for assistance. Then, sit back and enjoy your new look!

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