It’s Never Too Late: Easy Get-Fit Tips That Work

If you think “getting fit” means drastically changing your lifestyle and magically finding time in your overbooked schedule for endless hours of exercising, think again. These Top Tips are all easy to incorporate into the busiest lifestyle.

Eat Healthy

Here’s the deal. You don’t have to cut out all yummy foods forever. Make small consistent changes and you will be surprised how quickly you notice a difference. Kylee Lehrman, sales and marketing coordinator with SportONE/Parkview Fieldhouse and SportONE/Parkview Icehouse, strongly recommends taking a few minutes each week to plan ahead. Before you head to the grocery store, identify some healthy snack and dinner ideas. Spend some time after shopping to do quick prep work: wash fruits and veggies, portion out lean proteins and make healthy snacks easy to grab-n-go. This makes it much easier to find healthy snack or lunch items, or to throw a nutritious dinner together. Lehrman said, “Prepping your meals is one of my top tips because it ensures that you’re not eating poorly or skipping meals. It’s a key part of helping you meet your fitness goals.”

A nutritious diet is important for keeping you healthy and energized. The American Heart Association recommends eating a diet that’s “rich in fruits, veggies, whole grains, lean proteins and healthy fats.” These foods are “key to overall health, along with helping to give you the energy you need.”

Drink Water

Lehrman urged, “Drink a lot of water. Drinking enough fluids is important when exercising.” Starting snacks and meals with a glass of water is also a good way to feel full sooner and help your body digest food and absorb nutrients. Lehrman recommended, “drink about 17 ounces of fluid two hours before exercising.”

Get Moving

Add even just 10 minutes a day and you’ll be surprised how quickly you notice a difference in strength, tone and endurance. Work extra minutes into activities you are doing already: park in the furthest spot in the parking lot, walk the dog an extra block, take the stairs instead of the elevator or walk briskly up and down every single aisle at the grocery store. If you are looking to add more formal exercise to your daily routine, don’t focus on the things you hate about exercising, think instead about things you like to do for fun. Activities like dancing, iceskating, gardening, bowling or hiking are all great ways to get fit. Once regular activity becomes part of your routine, consider adding group classes or trying a new sport or challenge.

Lehrman stated, “It’s important to set goals to help you stay on track— whether you are trying to lose weight or tone your body muscles.”

The best part about getting fit through exercise and diet is that it’s a great way to lower stress. Make gradual changes now. Soon they will become not just things you have to do, but things you really want to do because they make you feel great!


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