I wanted to be Linda Carter

I wanted to be Linda Carter.Watching her on television many, many moons ago, she was beautiful, strong, intelligent and fearless. There’s a reason the show “Wonder  Woman” was a hit back in the day—and it wasn’t just Carter’s beauty. It was all for which she represented within the costume.

Through adult eyes, I see female heroes everywhere. They’re Linda Carters in their own right. Different sizes, different shapes, varying uniforms and all compelled by an innate desire to assist. And how cool is that?

In this month of July, let’s look more closely at heroism. It’s the descriptor for a broad range of leaders—from military personnel to policewomen to firefighters to attorneys and teachers. They are all heroes working each day to make this world a better, safer, more prosperous and promising place.

We celebrate America’s birthday and freedom on the Fourth of July. Colorful bangs light the night sky and we watch in wonder, often in hushed silence—with an undertone of gratitude and reverence. We know. We understand.

This July issue is all about our area heroes. Whether she is a police detective who investigates the most horrific of area scenes to protect our region or whether she worked in intelligence overseas back in 1942—or whether she’s an attorney, studied in law to protect us with knowledge and empowerment, the heroes are many and all of great, humble importance. And you can meet them all in this July issue of glo.

This issue also explores investigating our own pasts—want to learn more about genealogy clubs? Writer Barb Sieminski has answers. Learn more about attaining a natural look using bronzers, find tips on strengthening self-esteem, take a trip to Main Street in Auburn, check out the July “Date Night” and so much more.

This issue is about strengthening who we are as women. It’s about recognizing the meaning behind the flashing colors in the dark night sky. It’s depth beyond the “Oohs” and “Aahhs” when we watch the celebratory displays.

It’s freedom. It’s a reminder of how blessed we truly are as Americans. And it’s a solemn hand-to-the-heart thanks to the real Linda Carters who have fought for—and continue to protect and lead—this great glo region. There is no greater gift.

Happy Birthday, America. And thank you for reading. ” With warmest regards,

Sue Rawlinson

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