His name was Paul. He authored the first love note I’d ever received

sue-rawlinson“His name was Paul. He authored the first love note I’d ever received.

After triple-checking it did, indeed, read “To: SUE,” I glanced at him across the fourth grade class. He smiled big. What?! Not only was he the cutest boy in class, but his dad owned a Xerox machine, he was almost as funny as me AND he wanted to be an archaeologist like me. Cupid, you are so very awesome.

Oh, you Paul—the first boy to flutter my heartbeat. Well, except for Casey in kindergarten. The blonde-headed, smiley sweet boy. We stood by each other in line. And we both smiled. A lot. Oh, you Casey. You were the first to really smile at me.

Well, except for a tall cowboy when I was three. Vacationing with my parents and big brothers, this handsome cowboy scooped me into his arms for a photo. He was cute and nice and smiley. I remember my stomach felt funny. And I did not run in terror as with Santa or my uncle with the long scratchy beard. This clean-shaven Stetson posed, holding one tiny Sue and her two crooked pigtails. Oh, you nice smiley cowboy.

Aren’t stomach flutters a funny thing? It’s a flip in the gut that shouts, “Hey Sister, something’s different here!” As an adult, I’ve learned flutters haven’t changed a whole lot—except it’s just one man who sets them a’ flight now. You know, instead of random cowboys and funny archaeologists.

Valentine’s Day is, of course, when we pay particular attention to the loves in our lives. But the mushy, gushy holiday aside, February is also the dreariest, coldest month. What a contrast. The good news? It’s the shortest month and spring is right around the corner. But the month can, indeed, drag us along a journey of highs and lows, when what we seek is a steady plateau.

That’s what this issue is all about. How to keep our moods in check. How to slow down. It’s about heart health. And how to better communicate with your spouse to keep the flame a’flickering and the butterflies a’flying.

It’s about keeping the mind healthy and learning to live a pattern of proactivity; not reactivity. Take charge of your emotions and surroundings. Choose happiness. Choose to love and be loved. And if a handsome cowboy wants to hold you for a moment?

Say yes.

Happy February 2016 to all glo readers and advertisers. ”

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