Happy Thanksgiving! Here’s what the team of glo is most thankful to eat each Thanksgiving…

prime rib“My dad’s homemade prime rib roast. We consider this dish as our Thanksgiving tradition. This main dish is what every single family member, young and old, crave for each year. It wouldn’t be Thanksgiving without it!” — Maymie Ankrom, glo graphic designer

cranberry sauce“My favorite Thanksgiving dish is fresh cranberry sauce with orange zest.” — Bonnie Manning, glo feature writer

stuffing“My mom’s stuffing is my absolute favorite. It’s almost a complete meal in itself: sausage, bread and tons of vegetables along with sage.” — Rebekah Whirledge, glo editor

“Sweet potatoes cooked in cran-raspberry, pineapple and orange juice with lots of brown sugar, cinnamon and crasins! Our family tends to only have sweet potatoes at holidays so they are very special!” — Collette Knepp, glo business manager

“Mmmm…I love the dressing because my Grandma made the absolute best dressing ever, and I miss it every year! My family says my dressing is just like hers, but I don’t think so, as she did not ever write out the recipe. I love her generation… they were maestros in the kitchen and everything was homemade. It’s a lost art.” — Shelley Galbreath, glo feature writer

“The best dish at my Thanksgiving table, the one I cannot live without, is my mom’s homemade cranberry relish. It is a chunky blend of raw apples, oranges, cranberries and honey. It has a sour bite to it that hits me in the jaw and cuts perfectly through the richness of the day’s bounty.” — Davina Black, glo feature writer

cranberry relish“My favorite Thanksgiving dish is my dad’s green beans with bacon. They’re delicious! He always makes them with green beans he’s grown in the garden and canned, and he uses big slabs of bacon. Yum!” — Drema Drudge, glo feature writer

“Pumpkin ice cream. It’s only around for a short time each year and it’s yummy.” — Jeri Seely, glo editor-in-chief

“My favorite Thanksgiving dish is the stuffing…..my mom makes the best. It’s one thing I only eat once a year. That’s probably why it’s my favorite!!” — Lynn Keefer, glo account executive

buttercup squash“Buttercup squash drizzled with butter. It is such a colorful dish and just melts in your mouth!” — Darlene Eichelberger, glo marketing assistant

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