Halloween Hauntings – Do you believe in ghosts?

Two haunting tales of ladies of the night (no, not those ladies) that are said to have really happened are told by Nate Driscoll, formerly of a paranormal group called T.R.A.M.P.S. (The Research And Metaphysical Paranormal Society). Be afraid. Be very afraid.

“The Pfeiffer House in downtown Fort Wayne is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings that is actually open to the public,” said Driscoll, “and through evidence found at the house from multiple investigations by different paranormal teams, it is speculated that the spirits there are those of a family who used to live in the house.

“One spirit that seems to be very active is a little girl. Many people have claimed to see and hear her at the house, and some members of my team even managed to contact her. In December of 2010, I came across something unusual on the recording of an EVP (electronic voice phenomena) session I had held in the attic of the house. On the recording, I could hear myself talking to another member of my team just before the session, and over our voices, I also heard an angry, childish female voice yelling for us to leave her home.

“At the time of the recording, the only people in the attic were my team member and me…”

As a student at Manchester College during 2008-2009, Driscoll ran track and heard a lot of campus ghost stories, one of which concerned a girl who used to run track there. The story claims her spirit still sprints the track at midnight and, “if you go running at that hour of great darkness, you’ll hear her come running out of the forest and join you on the track.

“I put this to the test several times,” recalled Driscoll, “and most of the time I got consistent results… I actually heard someone running in the woods just beyond campus grounds, which then proceeded to follow me onto the track. But when I looked behind me, there wasn’t anyone there.

“One night two friends decided to watch the track as I ran. I kept trying to coax the spirit into running with me but I didn’t hear anything. I then asked my friends if they saw anyone and one claimed he heard a woman’s voice whisper to him, ‘Tell him I’m sorry but I can’t do this tonight.’

“Another night when running, I noticed something peculiar out of the corner of my eye. I saw a misty figure that lined a particular path along the track, and eventually came to the realization that it wasn’t a ghost of a former student. Rather, it was the echo of a woman’s energy that attached itself to the campus grounds and developed a self-awareness and consciousness of its own.”

So, do you believe in ghosts?

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