Hair loss – Not the “Final Frontier”

Information for article provided by Shirley Williams, Southwest Hair & Day Spa

The embarrassment and anxiety attached to hair loss may paralyze and intimidate. But it need not have the final word. Let’s put our ‘big girl’ pants on and break this down.

Start by consulting your physician. Several physical maladies can result in hair loss:

  • Thyroid imbalances, immune disorders, stress and aging.
  • Your diet. Nutritional deficiencies increase your risk of hair loss.
  • Genetics. What’s swimming in the family gene pool can affect hair loss.

After consulting with your health care professional, make your next appointment with a cosmetology professional; their stock and trade is creating the look in your mirror that radiates your personality. And, good news. Cosmetology professionals have an arsenal of tools on their belts—offering anything from a basic color and cut that blends thinning hair to a full inventory of specifically designed products for hair loss. Among these are:

  • A hair loss shampoo system that stops premature hair loss while promoting new growth.
  • Minoxidil—a medication that grows hair.
  • Fiber-building products that create a thicker look.

Let’s talk hair enhancement:

  • Hair integration—a finely woven hairpiece that integrates with existing hair from short to long.
  • Halo extensions—an extension that’s applied, making the bottom of thin hair thicker for long hair.
  • A fall fills in the top and crown for long hair.
  • A synthetic wig is low maintenance.
  • A human hair wig can be styled just like real hair. “Remi” human hair is best.
  • Lastly, for severe hair loss full hairpieces can be worn for a very natural look.

Indeed, there is a silent stigma accompanying hair loss. But don’t stall out in
that silence. There is help to be had and sound options to be weighed to
find the desired outcome you’re seeking.

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