Gregg Russell – Owner + Head Pharmacist, Fort Wayne Custom Rx


Photo by Sue Rawlinson

Gregg Russell, owner and head pharmacist of Fort Wayne Custom Rx, feels fortunate to be in a career that honors the values learned from his parents. His mother, “a very caring, Christian woman,” raised he and his brothers in a culture of volunteering and helping others. His father ran his own business and instilled in him the rewards of being your own boss. Russell took these lessons and applied them to his own early interest in the health field.

“By the time I was 15 I knew I wanted to be a pharmacist!” he said. Education is a driving force in his life. After obtaining his pharmacy degree from Butler, he later obtained a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree, then a Clinical Nutritionist certification, and recently a master’s in Medication Therapy Management.

Educating others about health is just as important to him as his own educational pursuits. After years of working in local pharmacies and hospitals, he saw a need for a compounding pharmacy to meet the unique needs of patients and doctors in the area. Russell said he owes the success of the business “to my wife and her support from the very beginning. She was busy raising our three daughters while I worked 60-plus-hour weeks. Since we opened this business she has also handled all the accounting and paperwork and works the front of the store.”

Russell laughed, “I grew up with three brothers but now I’m surrounded by women—not only my wife and three daughters—but all the women on our staff… they are what make the business so successful. I couldn’t do it without them!”

His favorite part of his job is educating patients. “We focus a lot on women’s health,” explained Russell, “including hormone therapy, vitamin therapy and the role that nutrition plays in overall health.” Russell takes his roll as “a middle man” between doctors and patients very seriously.

Recently, Russell launched a “lifestyle/’metabolic program’ that melds with medication therapy management,” he explained, “to change clients’ lives for the better by individualizing appropriate recommendations for diet, nutrition and herbal therapies.”

When not working to improve the health of the general public, Russell’s personal goals are to “spend as much time as possible with the grandchildren. And travel the west with my wife and finally see the Grand Canyon.” Or—“…if I can ever stop reading all the health education and medical materials out there!”—maybe just relax by reading a mystery or two.

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