Grapefruit. And green jellybeans.

Sue-RawlinsonGrapefruit. And green jellybeans. A little sour and a whole lotta’ sweet.

Kind of like my dad.

Both foods remind me of Dad. Grapefruit would squirt him at breakfast and green jellybeans were the most treasured treat in his world.

If you were good, he’d share a jellybean or two. Needless to say, I didn’t eat many jellybeans as a teen. Then years passed. Enter my 5-year-old daughter. During a visit one evening, to my great awe, I witnessed my little girl (after her bedtime) sitting with grandpa—both clad in pajamas and robes—quietly whispering while sharing a big bag of jellybeans. Dads soften when they morph into grandpas.

Throughout life, father-daughter relationships often are powerfully charged with highs and lows, admiration and anger, a yearning for independence but a dire need for loving protection. They’re often relationships of extremes—kind of like sour grapefruit and sweet jellybeans.

Dads are our greatest protectors and most sure-footed foundations. They’ve taught us about fear and respect. About decency and dignity. Their humor, diligence and charm serve as their daughters’ measures for boyfriends and life mates. They are, indeed, very big shoes to fill.

In this issue, we explored a relationship of a special father-daughter duo: Wayne and Beth Goldsmith, this issue’s “He glo(w)s” and “She glo(w)s.” What a treasure they have in one another! Too, check out our Dad’s Gift Guide, full of great gift ideas from retailers near you.

This June issue is also our “Smart ‘n Sexy” issue. Why dedicate an issue to such a theme? To remind us that sexiness is not a measurement or size, ladies. It’s who we are. How we feel about ourselves. Our values. Our confidence. Our ambitions. It’s about making the life we want and embracing the innate qualities within. And good lovin’? Well, that’s just a bonus.

I’d also like to introduce “glo Girl,” a new monthly feature. Watch as we highlight a fantastic young lady who has been an inspiring example to others. In this issue, meet our first glo Girl, Miss Hannah Fiechter. Stay tuned for more outstanding young ladies making a difference in our world.

Enjoy this beautiful month of June. And on Father’s Day, may you make the dad in your life feel extra special—and since mine is no longer just a phone call away, I’ll eat some green jellybeans and nod with a smile to the sky.

Happy June, readers!

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