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Meet: Miss Audie Parsons
Age: 20


Photo by Corie Strong,

Audie Parsons is living proof of what you can do with a heart of gold and will of steel.

The 20-year-old University of Cincinnati college student, who will graduate a year early with a bachelor’s degree in neuroscience, would best be described as a humanitarian. Her passions began to formulate into a specific plan a few years ago, during her second mission trip to Haiti. In her words, it was then when God gave her a “nudge” to take action. During her week in Haiti, the level of poverty, malnutrition, dire need and lack of hygiene was further manifested by the fact that many children didn’t have underwear in good condition—if at all.

“When we go to Haiti, we donate our own clothes. As we were going through our clothes the last night, I joked with the girls around me… about not being able to donate two of my shirts because of urine stains from some of the adorable Haitian toddlers,” she said. “In that moment I felt God tell me, YOU can do something… so we started throwing out ideas on how to implement getting underwear to these children and how much something so little to us could change their lives.”

And that something—a big something—is what Parsons does through her nonprofit called Hanes for Haiti. “We want to provide children in Haiti with the basic necessities that we are so fortunate to utilize in America every day,” she said.

She hopes Hanes for Haiti will be a catalyst for change—a way to right some societal wrongs—as she described with a clarity that is far beyond her years.

“I want to fight for justice as I see the world a different way as God opens up my eyes,” she said. “I believe that God has you right where you are, to use what he has given you… I was in Haiti. I saw the need, (and) in that moment, everything became clear to me.”

According to Parsons, Haiti is just one area of the world with a great need. But she hopes to use Hanes for Haiti as a launching pad of sorts. She is on the verge of greatness and has no plans of looking back.

Parsons said that a little bit of charity goes a long way. For example, a $5 package of underwear donated to a Haitian child (donors may purchase underwear packs or make a cash donation) can make a difference. Hanes for Haiti provides underwear to children age two and up to adults.

This unstoppable young woman also thrives on her family heritage at the lake, her dogs, ducks and is predominantly inspired by, “all of God’s creation of stars, mountains, animals and his love for the child on a street corner.”

Parsons hopes to continue the momentum with another mission trip to Haiti this month, in partnership with Mission of Hope. For more information or to donate to the cause, visit her GoFundMe page:

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