Glo Cover November 2014

Congratulations to Kathleen Boyts of Syracuse, winner of the Women’s United Power of the Purse and glo cover contest! She will receive two tickets to the event, a Women’s United coffee mug and a stylish ‘W’ T-shirt!

“Curiosity” shows Mackenzie (reading her book, “Power of the Purse”) and Taylor (checking out the purse). Kathleen’s granddaughters. Everything in life can be used as a teaching tool, even a purse, she says.

About Kathleen:

Kathleen Boyts

Photo by sonshinephotography. com

Kathleen Boyts is a wife, mother and grandmother, artist and graduate of John Brown University. In the 80’s she started her own business called “Creative Arts,” specializing in oil painting and interior design. Currently , she is the owner of Creative Fish Art Gallery, ArtZie Workshop and Spinning Fish Pottery Studio in Syracuse: “the center of artistic activity.” She teaches many of the art experiences at the gallery for all ages. Boyts loves to change it up and master new mediums, however, her favorite is oil painting. She gets her inspiration from two of her favorite artists, Fanch and Tarky. Her passion for sharing art with others is evident in her desire to offer art experiences for all ages. “I love to see how art effects people. To see the light bulb moment when a student realizes they can create art,” she says. You can find Boyts’s work displayed at Creative Fish Art Gallery, Facebook, Etsy or on Northern Indiana Arts and Earth Trail. She can be contacted at or messaged through Facebook.


curiosity-by-kathleen-boyts glo cover artWhat Kathleen likes best about glo: “When glo printed their very first publication and I had to opportunity to read,
I was hooked. I have collected every issue of glo to date. From the artwork to each informative article, the team at glo has established a high quality publication for all ages. However, one of my favorite things is “She glo(w)s” and “He glo(w)s.” I look forward to reading how the highlighted women and men are making a difference in the lives they touch. I consider it a great honor to be chosen as a cover artist for the month of November.


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