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girlfriendsWhat’s better than girlfriends? Who else tells us we’re more beautiful now than we were 20 years ago? Who else always takes our side of the argument (whether with the boss, husband, child or just that mean grocery store clerk)? Who else honestly wants to hear every excruciating detail of any and every drama in your life? Who else is perfectly content to sit beside you and plow through a stack of gossip magazines (and bottle of wine)? Who makes you laugh so hard, cry so freely and share your dreams so readily? Yep, girlfriends.

One of the best ways to strengthen those special connections is to take a few days to get away from it all and spend time with just each other. After all, we can’t take care of everyone else (children, colleagues, significant others, bosses, etc.!) if we don’t make some time to care for ourselves. Girls’ weekend = no stress. Just fun and rejuvenation. And, ladies? We’ve earned it.

Where to Go

The getaway doesn’t have to be anything super elaborate. Within just a few of hours’ drive of Fort Wayne, ladies can explore:

• Big cities for eating, shopping and theater. Consider Indianapolis and Chicago, of course—but why not also visit Louisville or Columbus?

• Cute towns for B&Bs, antiquing and boutiques. Check out Roanoke, Shipshewana or Zionsville.

• Outdoorsy adventures. Enjoy hiking and horseback riding in Brown County, or head to beach towns or skiing in Michigan.

But if you CAN swing it, go crazy! What are hot destinations right now for girl getaways?

Charleston, Savannah and Asheville: for dining and shopping

Mexico, Costa Rica or Bermuda: for beaches, spas and relaxation

Philadelphia, New York City, San Francisco or Montreal: for big city culture

Las Vegas: um, because it’s Vegas!

What to Wear

You don’t need much. Some basic, flexible pieces mean comfort, but still guarantee you are ready for anything. As Emma Marie Metcalf, owner and stylist at Lyn-Maree’s Boutique in Auburn commented, “My personal ‘go to’ pieces are my slipdress, NIKIBIKI leggings, heeled ankle boots and blanket scarf,” she said. “They are versatile and can be worn dressed up or dressed down. They all travel well.”

So, keep it simple. Pack your “go-to” pieces, then add a few tops/sweaters, accessories, a clutch and something sparkly, just in case. Doing so, you’ll be set for anything that might happen on your fabulous girls getaway! Why else should you pack lightly? It’s always smart to leave room for the spoils of a girlfriends’ shopping spree.

Do It!

Girlfriends encourage and support us to be the best version of ourselves. Make the time to appreciate that special relationship. You—and they—are worth it!


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Susan’s Fashions, For t Wayne, 260.459.2828,

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