Gail Ward | Thinking Big From The Start

Written by Judi Loomis, Feature Writer | Photo by Bonnie Manning, Feature Photographer

Gail Ward, co-owner of GLO on the Go, along with her husband, Chad, lives by one motto: “Think big from the start!” Five years ago, she did just that when she opened up her small business in Kendallville with her sister, Carla. GLO on the Go offers both airbrush and automated sunless tanning using proprietary blends designed for each individual’s unique skin type and lifestyle. Opening a new business can be a scary, as well as exciting adventure.

“My parents have been my biggest inspiration,” says Ward. “They are both entrepreneurs and worked hard supporting our family. Also, I credit my grandmother for showing me endurance! She recently passed away at 101 years old, and was still living on her own!” As a business owner, wife and mother, Ward strives to balance everything in her life, but insists that if given the chance she would not change anything.

“Everything, good and bad, is what has made me the person I am today. One slight change and GLO on the Go may never have existed!”


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