From the Executive Editor

It was just a look. One eyebrow slightly raised. Eyes big, focused. Brows drawn together. Lips pursed in a tight display of disgust. It was dad’s “you’re in big trouble, Suzanne” look.

Yeah, I saw it a lot.

Dad couldn’t understand nothing was my fault. Didn’t believe my claims that all things wrong were actually my brother’s doing. And I don’t know how Dave slammed the car into the garage when I just so happened to be sitting behind the wheel!!! Yeah, after that one I endured the torture of fixing the garage door with Dad. I’d rather have shaved my head before prom.

Dad was the ultimate feared one. At times I didn’t like him much. And others, he was king of my world. He was my fiercest protector and the gentlest, most loving shoulder to cry upon. You can relate, can’t you? Father-daughter relationships are precious (as are father-son, of course)—and in this issue enjoy one prominent area father-daughter duo as our June She Glo(w)s + He Glo(w)s.

Dad was a tremendous menagerie of perfect imperfection—the storm within the calm, and the calm within the storm. And in this beautiful month of June, we recognize these imperfect heroes who lead us through life as best as they can. For the very human leaders who may not always speak with the sweetest tongues, but whose intent is entirely pure. We love and thank these men—for who they are, all they do and all they still aspire to be.

In June we focus more intently on family. We return to the lake, head outdoors, break out the bathing suits and put the kids’ electronics away—at last diverting attention to one another and this gorgeous region.

Happy Father’s Day, readers… end enjoy this issue. We made it just for you.

And to the big brothers who are continually blamed? Just smile and forgive the little sis’ in your life. Dad knows, he’s giving her ‘the look,’ and he’s always watching—whether here on Earth or from the Heavens above.

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