Frank Sinatra’s vocals…

sue-rawlinson“Frank Sinatra’s vocals. Frilly Santa aprons. One cookie press. And two bottles of wine. All are essential elements for a holiday cookie mother-daughter bake-a-thon.

Then there’s the Christmas tree. Boxes of ornaments, both new and old. The kids plop ornaments on the branches—some placed gingerly, some not so gentle, all while Mannheim Steamroller plays in the background.

An explosion of red and green tissue, last year’s mismatched wrapping paper and this year’s new rolls. Two pairs of scissors—and the ever-elusive roll of scotch tape. Where did it go again?

We begin to wrap this season’s gifts from the mound before us. Did we buy too much? Or not enough? And did I remember all my charitable giving? While wrapping, we fend off (without sneaked peeks) multiple interruptions from teenagers who know darn well we’re wrapping their gifts.

Boxes of Santa figurines. Garlands and strings of lights. The holiday feast purchase and preparation, festive dishware, stemware and what-to-wear at various parties. And the list goes on…

The holidays are nutty-busy with details, aren’t they?

The season requires vigilant planning and flooding to-do lists. But, there’s hope. The details can be completed without last-minute scurrying. We can do it with grace and patience. And even better, we can do it with gratefulness. Ladies, let’s face it. The success of the Norman Rockwell-ish family moments resides with us. We are the multi-tasking planners. We make it happen. And, indeed, what an honor it is.

And that’s what this issue of glo is about. Planning. Minimizing holiday stress. Time management. Décor tips. And even what jewelry to wear to finish off your outfits. It’s all within this issue.

The moments created by patient planning? These are what matter most. It’s the memories and moments that evoke fulfillment—within your heart and those of your family. Be grateful and enjoy.

This holiday season, please also know how much glo appreciates you, our advertiser and reader. From our publishing house to your home, we wish you a most meaningful, beautiful and stress-free holiday season. ”

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