Fort Wayne Trails!

Are you into “active” transportation such as walking, running, biking or rolling? If so, you may well be already familiar with Fort Wayne’s 68 miles of trails maintained for just such activities. Fort Wayne’s trails afford safe, healthy access to nature for families and individuals.

According to their website, Fort Wayne Trails mission is to enhance our vibrant and healthy community by developing an ever-expanding network of trails. We look to local businesses, the community, and the government for the continued support and funding that are critical to sustaining us.” This grassroots effort has provided the city with many beautiful paths.

Supporting Fort Wayne Trails can be done through contributions at the organization’s website,, or by simply using the trails. The organization’s website has maps for you to plan your excursions. Whether by yourself, with your family or with your coworkers over your lunch hour, the city’s extensive trails leave you with no excuse not to get out into the fresh air and sunshine.

Two highlights of the trails (though there are many more than can be mentioned here):

  • Foster Park Loop – Nearly two miles long, the loop follows St. Mary’s River. Foster Park’s playground will be a draw to your children after your walk among the blooming flowers.
  • The Towpath Trail – For a bit of history, follow The Towpath Trail, which “follows the former Wabash and Erie Canal.” This trail is about 4.25 miles long and begins at Rockhill Park, ending at Engle Road.

Consult for trail closures or detours.

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