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interest in pinterest

Gail Ward, Esther Edwards and Andrew Lamping — creators of the newest social group in Fort Wayne, Interest in Pinterest — show off their latest Pinterest project. The basic structure consists of two doors bought on clearance. Two doorknobs were added to hang purses. The counter corners were an inexpensive purchase and can be used to write on. The pictorial circle to the right is a tin cover. The scissors are stored in an old discarded medicine bottle. At the upper right you see heating vents which hold cards and memos. Chalk board paint was applied and several hooks added to hold keys. (Photo by Bonnie Manning)

Painting classes with cocktails are a trending phenomenon for the creative community — a way to enjoy your favorite glass of wine with family or friends, while learning to paint. But three local business owners — Andrew Lamping, owner of Cyclone Social; Gail Ward, owner of GLO on the GO; and Esther Edwards, owner of Soiree Everyday! — decided it was time to take a step back from the canvas and kick it up a notch. Their new group, Interest in Pinterest, is the place to gather with friends to create Pinterest projects while enjoying Pinterest-inspired cocktails and h’ors devours.

“After meeting Andrew last year, he approached Gail and me to gather together local Pinterest fans to create a project. Andrew creates the event, handles ticket sales on Eventbrite and is also diligent about developing and updating our social media platforms,” Edwards said. “Gail is the project manager, identifying and collecting supplies for the event. She also takes on the role of instructor for the project du jour. I develop appetizer and drink recipes for each event and act as hostess, welcoming guests and introducing the sponsor, project and other hosts.”

As times have gotten tough financially, people are finding ways to DIY rather than making purchases. “Pinterest epitomizes this movement,” says Edwards. “How genius is it to have this amazing place to go where anyone can look for ideas that spark new ideas and so on,” she said. “The glass ceiling has disappeared and with all this inspiration around us, it’s rewarding to be a part of a DIY movement where there aren’t any limits.”

The group is new, hosting small events where projects are based on repurposing everyday household items. They recently created candle holders from glass ceiling fan light covers. Edwards says the group loves using techniques like decoupage and spray paint to assist with projects.

“Our goal is to inspire others to be creative and think outside of the box, all while being budget-friendly.”
An open invite for each Interest in Pinterest event is created on the Facebook.

“We want people to come mentally prepared with ideas on ways they might be doing the project or how they can make it their own,” Edwards said. “We love fresh ideas and duly try to leave room for each person to personalize their project. It’s what makes it Pinterest-friendly.”

Based on the theme of the project, creative food and beverage items are developed. “I collaborate with Gail and Andrew, do a little taste-testing, and at the time of the event, post pictures and recipes to our page. These are included in the ticket sale. It’s a really good time to bring a date or a best friend for a fun and unique evening out,” Edwards said.

The trio plans to continue organizing relevant and stimulating themes that provide engaging platforms for seasoned DIY’ers and beginners alike. “We truly hope everyone leaves feeling refreshed, renewed and inspired. As we grow in our community, we hope this interaction brings about the opportunity to socialize and interact,” Edwards said.

Interest in Pinterest is an open group and businesses or Pinterest fans have the opportunity to host or sponsor each event. The next scheduled project is repurposing bi-fold doors found at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. For more information and to see upcoming events, simply like the Facebook page at

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