A ‘Flawlyss’ Life:

Local Beauty Blogger Alyssa Wallace Reached YouTube Stardom


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Flawlyss [flaw-liss] is the state of being comfortable in your own skin. People who are flawlyss exude confidence and do not need reassurance.”

Alyssa Wallace, from Fort Wayne, won the 2014 “Allure” magazine Beauty Blogger Awards with her fantastic step-by-step makeup and hair tutorials and fashion advice. Her YouTube channel is “Alyssa Forever” and it recently reached 233,000 subscribers. For winning, “Allure” gave Wallace a grand-prize trip to New York City: three days of fashion shows, spa visits and a ticket to the Best of Beauty party. As a successful and confident woman in her early 20s, who quit her job to blog full-time, this glo writer jumped at the chance to get some extra beauty and blogging tips for you.

What beauty advice can you give our readers for the holiday season?

“Sometimes the transition from fall to winter can be quite depressing. Who says you have to ditch the bright fun colors for dark gloomy colors? Add a pop of color on the lips or wear a neon pink scarf. Winter can be fun too!”

What sort of things can viewers learn from your channel?

“I post different ways to style curly hair, how-tos for makeup and different ways to style outfits. I make videos to inspire. Yes, most of my videos focus on hair, makeup, and other girly things, but my videos are about much more than that. Society makes it hard for us to be comfortable in our own skin at times. We believe our appearance is flawed if we don’t look a certain way. Well, I am here to show that [everyone can be] ‘flawlyss’ regardless of what anyone says. I am here to help [viewers] learn to be little more independent and a whole bunch more confident.”

How many hours a week do you work on your blog?

“Full time. I am constantly working towards adding to my blog.” In her interview with “Allure”, Wallace lets readers in on her ambitions. She has dreams of starting an online magazine and owning her own makeup and clothing lines. Alyssa Forever offers product reviews, style advice, makeovers, her journey in braces (teeth) and much more.

Why and how did you start blogging and why the topic of beauty?

“I did a bantu knot-out hairstyle and posted a picture on Instagram. I got a lot of questions about how I achieved that look and decided recording a video would be a better way to explain. Once that video went viral, I realized I could make all different types of videos of things I have a vast knowledge of. Beauty is the one thing I confidently know many things about.”

What is your educational background in beauty?

Wallace is a self-taught wonder, but gives credit to her aunt. The two would wear green facial masks and paint nails together when Wallace was younger. “Without my aunt introducing me to beauty and makeup, I don’t know where I’d be. It was the greatest gift she could give me.”

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