Five Father’s Day Activities for a Day to Remember

Especially if you have a spouse or significant other, your father can feel neglected on Father’s Day. Let him know he’s still important to you with a Father’s Day to remember.

  1. Create a gussied up, framed list of your favorite childhood memories, which include your father and read it to him. Don’t forget to carry tissues!
  2. Re-enact a favorite memory. If your father used to read “The Cat in the Hat” to you every night, buy a copy. Either read it to him or ask him to read it to you. If he coached your softball team, tell him to warm up his arm. Be sure to capture it on video!
  3. five fathers day activities for a day to rememberSet aside an hour or two for just you and your father to go out for breakfast, feed the ducks at the park or sit in the sun with a glass of iced tea, even if it’s not on Father’s Day proper.
  4. Tell the world! Take out an ad in his local paper (complete with a photo of the two of you) thanking him for being your dad. If you live in a small town, print flyers and post them on utility poles.
  5. Make a slideshow with your favorite photos of him. In it, spell out what you appreciate that he’s done for you and show it in front of the whole family while serving his favorite dessert so he can hide his smile and maybe even wipe his eyes.
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