February Date Night

For months you’ve been going out for your monthly date night. During this frigid cold month (also the month of romance) don’t you think it’s time to stay in for a night?

We think so, too.

Enjoy a special Valentine’s date night—and then make this your own annual tradition. Make a romantic seafood dinner for two at home. No iPads, no phones, no unplanned interruptions. Just you, your man, some soft music, great wine and one romantic, screaming-his-head-off lobster.

Sounds like fun, doesn’t it?

FEBRUARY: Valentine’s Lobster Love

Dress your best, but stay home. Cook together. Create a dining experience that’s not only delicious, hot and uniquely yours— it’ll also evoke lots of laughter and fun.

Screaming for your Sweetheart
But the screams of this evening will come from this oceanic charmer. Boil this fella’ live and you’ll have a tasty, memorable main dish. Does a ‘screamer’ send chills up your spine? Allow me to ease the nerves. Clearly I’m no marine biologist, but keep this in mind: lobsters do not have throats, no vocal cords and no lungs from which to scream. Your main course is not, in fact, cursing lobster-expletives. What you may (or may not) hear is air trapped beneath its shell—when heated, air expands and is forced out through small gaps. It makes noise. Secondly, is it really in pain? Lobsters and other yummy crustaceans are not vertebrates. Thus they have no nerve pathways through which to feel pain. So, boil away guilt free. Feel better? You’re welcome.

Heat Things Up
The water at least, for now. Check online for your favorite recipe, but in short, boil saltwater, then lower your critters (boil one for each of you) head-first, one at a time, into the water. Soon you’ll have a red, hot delicious hunks of meat ready to devour! And if my very clinical explanation did not ease your inner squirm, let your man do the honors. But, be certain your brave knight knows this…

Keep ‘Em On
The rubberbands around dinner’s claws, that is. Once your lobsters are boiled and bright red, then remove the bands. Unless you don’t value fingers much.


Little Black Dress
You may be cooking at home, but it’s still Valentine’s Day. Show him the night is extra special… and so are you.

Straight from the Sea
What better to pair with the black dress than classic, ocean-created pearls about the neck? ‘Nuff said.

Frilly Apron
Wear a frilly little apron over your dinner attire. It’ll keep your dress splatter-free— and a little left for the imagination just might drive him crazy…

Put a Ring On It
Paint your fingernails red and wear a big ole’ diamond. Or, maybe he’ll put a new one on your finger… nothing screams romance like diamonds, boiling lobsters and an excellent bottle of…

Valentine’s Vino
Little pairs better with boiled lobster than an excellent chardonnay. Have your man open the bottle, fill two glasses and cheers to you both for creating a new experience—fun, memorable and uniquely yours. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and your men, ladies!

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