Fashion Focus

By Nancy Nokaya of Essentials and Frosting, Fort Wayne

fashion focusI know for many years, I have avoided the whole New Year’s resolution thing. It always ended with the eventual breaking of said resolutions. So, how can we look toward a new year with fresh goals in mind and make it stick? What does this have to do with fashion? This is a fashion column, right?

I do better making continued small and incremental changes. It seems so many of us just want to wait until we have gotten to that illusive “ideal weight” to start looking at new clothes. That is mistake number one. Look at it in incremental amounts. That old adage, “success breeds success,” does work. Don’t buy a whole new wardrobe; you just need a style kickstart! Your chances are so much greater in getting to that end result.

I am getting to an age where things aren’t quite the same as they used to be. But, I am trying to find harmony between working like hell to fight the inevitable aging (I want to look and feel my best), and true acceptance that I am physically changing and embrace it with love. I see everyday how hard we women are on ourselves. I truly feel compelled to find a way to empower women to feel beautiful and confident no matter what. I am no different. It is a conscious paradigm shift. Now, this is definitely an inside and outside job ladies! I am a Libra and balance is very important to us.

Cleaning out my closet is top of my resolution list (my husband’s, too, I am afraid). The holidays are over. A new beginning is here. If you haven’t done it yet, now is the time! Get rid of those things that really don’t fit well. Get your donation pile ready. Then, you can see better what kind of wardrobe pieces you may need to make your new fashion statement for 2015.

Next for me is finding a little more “me” time. That means getting active. Doing some yoga, meditation, insanity at home… whatever works. But, I need to get fixed up with some new activewear fashions! That will send me on my way. A little retail therapy here is important. Fashion has immense power! Use it to build up the person you want to be.

Where will life take you this year? Are you looking to make strides in your career? Are you a new mom? Are you a work-at-home girl? No matter what your situation, ignoring your style and fashion presence does take a toll. It does make a difference in how you are perceived and how you perceive yourself. We have to take inventory and rethink what works for us as time and life circumstances change.

Another personal goal of mine is getting contact lenses. I started wearing glasses as I reached that magical age, but I have had this little psychological barrier of being terrified to mess with my eyes. I am determined to overcome it this year!

My hope is that you make your own goals, keep inching forward without beating yourself up. Then, jump off the cliff! Try something new. Seek out some guidance to get a new prospective. Let a fashion and style transformation be a positive catalyst for wherever your journey is headed this year.

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