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Yes, the holiday season is upon us. The time for gatherings of family and friends, good food and festive occasions.

Now, the questions start: What do I wear on Thanksgiving? What will be “trendy” and still fit after the big dinner? Do I buy a glitzy dress for the office party or New Year’s? What says “holiday” when going to a casual dinner party? Did I lose those 10 pounds this year? You ladies know what I am talking about!

So, here are just a few tips:

Stretch jeans are a must! Pair them with a beautiful top that can double at work or church and accessorize, accessorize! Bring out the heels and you will be sleek and set! (Bonus: they are still comfy after all the food and drink.)

For the glitzy dress question: every woman needs a couple formal dresses in their wardrobe. If this is your year, GO FOR IT! Otherwise, there is a reason the LBD (Little black dress) is quintessential. You truly can never go wrong. Make sure to look for good quality and fit. It will last for years. Also, you can go for a little color. A solid will be more classic. Fearing redundancy: accessorize, accessorize! A new belt, shoes and jewelry will change it dramatically. Polished is what you are going for here. Be careful to not over do the “bling”. That old saying of classy to trashy can happen real quickly! Pick your spot to glisten.

You don’t have to wear a dress. There are some elegant options for jumpsuits or pants with an amazing top out there. Top off with a tuxedo or fur jacket and you are speaking glamour. One big bold accessory can go far here.

It doesn’t take much to shine for the holidays. Have a little fun and treat yourself! For more inspiration, visit

For some hot holiday makeup trends to go with the fashion check out our lovely model’s vlog: Alyssa Forever on YouTube. Pure beauty maven! She is a Fort Wayne native and just won the Best Beauty Blogger award with Allure Magazine!

If you’re getting those holiday photos taken, these fashion tips work just as well! My advice here is pick a theme and stick with it. Check out talented Fort Wayne photographer, Abby from Lavish Photography for more ideas at

Most of all, enjoy the celebrations with the people you love! Here’s to you looking amazing and happy holidays for you all.

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