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fashionBy Nancy Nokaya of Essentials and Frosting, Fort Wayne

It’s time for a closet review! As the season is changing, it is time to look through that closet and assess. The questions to ask yourselves? First, have I worn this item in the last year? Does it still fit properly? If the answers to either of these is no, then give it up, girl!

How do you make the most of what is left? What would be smart additions to your wardrobe? Building an effective and stylish wardrobe is a smart investment! This month, I want to look at a few ways to strengthen your fashion choices.

Re-styling is a must. Having the ability to switch up how you wear something requires the right ingredients. Look at it like cooking. You may have some great recipes and some good food staples but, if that pantry isn’t well stocked with some mixers, great spices and fresh produce in the fridge then you can’t expand on what you do have. So, don’t neglect those “accessories”! A well curated group of accessories truly extends your fashion investments. Here are some things to think about.

style fashionJewelry: Have a mix of metals and both short and long styles in necklaces. This gives you options for layering and working with various necklines. Add a couple of fabulous statement pieces you might be hesitant to buy! Investing here can pay off in the long run for years to come. Remember, a stunning necklace can take that bargain tee to a whole different level. Bracelets can make a big impact layered all on one side. Rings can be fun and bold. Pick a great one and stick with it. Don’t muddy this one with every finger filled up. Ordinary outfits become exceptional with a little finesse.

Belts: Know what kind of belts flatter your figure. Then, make sure you have a few! They are a great tool for adding interest and transforming an ensemble.

Essentials-&-FrostingShoes: What girl doesn’t love them? They can set the mood an outfit. A combination of flats, heels and boots give you limitless new looks.

Next tip is: don’t forget to have a balance in your clothing categories. Jackets, blazers and sweaters are invaluable at giving you longer wear on sleeveless items. For pants, you multiply your options when you have more than black. For denim, have at least two different styles. Skinnies and boyfriends or boot cuts. Skirts and dresses can be perfect for layering and be workhorses in your closet. They should not just come out occasionally.

Have fun with this and play in your closet. You will be surprised! 

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