Fashion Focus

By Nancy Nokaya of Essentials and Frosting, Fort Wayne

What am I going to wear to the wedding? Always a big question! Here are a few do’s and don’ts.

First, this is an exciting time for the bride. The wedding trends today allow her infinite creativity and customization for her event. We are seeing everything from a beach wedding, to a formal church affair, to barn weddings and even a zombie apocalypse wedding. This can make for some wide fashion choices!

My best advise for the bride is choose your theme and follow it through. You don’t always have to follow the typical path. Gems can be found in unusual places. Did you ever think of buying your wedding dress online? Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But anything is possible these days. I found the most unique, beautiful, ethereal dresses at They design and custom make to perfection using the finest French stretch fabrics. I am mesmerized! Big plus, the most expensive dress I saw was approximately $1,300. Shift your thinking and accessorize outside of the typical bridal pearls. Go a little boho or edgy! Let your personality and beauty shine.

Next, the guests. It happens at every wedding. There is always someone, that OMG moment when you see someone and say to yourself, “REALLY? This is a wedding. NOT a nightclub!” Keep the sequin hot pants at home! Make sure your dress is not so short that it shows all your magic kingdom when you dance. And, keep “the girls” held in and not completely out to play. Wear the proper undergarments. To be clear, a super tight, short, low cut dress is out of the question! This is the bride’s day, ladies.

Also, it seems silly to repeat but, alas I must: do not wear white. Again, it is the bride’s day to wear white.

Casual wedding trends can be laid back, fun and a reflection of the betrothed couple. I am all about those cowboy boots with your dress at that barn wedding. But, you must put a little effort into your attire when sharing this momentous life event with your friends and family. Jeans and a top are just lazy!

Think about emphasizing one physical attribute at a time. If your dress is showing a little leg, don’t go for a low neckline at the same time. We all love the LBD (little black dress), but this is a wedding, not a funeral. Break it up with some color. Have some fun and show a little romance. Casual wedding? Palazzo pants and a pretty silk top can work. Play it up with some bling.

Still not sure what to wear? We are blessed with some great independent boutiques here in Fort Wayne. They can be fabulous resources with stylists to help make you wedding worthy!

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