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Sue RawlinsonBright daffodils burst through dirt. Colorful spring fashions fill store racks. Bright pink high heels lure appreciative glances. And best yet, we shout a joyful, “See ya’ next year!” to chunky sweaters for the past winter’s chill. Yes, ladies, spring is coming!

It’s time to plan your St. Patrick’s Day party, to refresh your workout routine, to investigate new ways to renew the spirit, and to escape into the outdoor sunshine, no matter how chilly it may still be. We yearn for warmth and energy—both literally and figuratively.

Doesn’t this all sound familiar?

Spring is all about refreshing who we are as women. It’s a universal renewal—so, why not investigate new ways to invigorate who we are? Perhaps it’s time to determine a new, improved pathway for our physical and mental health. To focus more on the relationships that mean the most within our lives. No time is better than RIGHT NOW. At this very moment.

Women today embrace empowerment. We run businesses. We hold leadership positions. We keep our family responsibilities in the forefront—all the while keeping life rolling smoothly for all within our households. We are masters of multi-tasking. But do we take care of ourselves as we should? Aren’t we so engrained with others’ needs—whether our families or businesses—that our own personal growth can sometimes stagnate? Now is the time to recognize and analyze. It’s time to focus on beautiful YOU.

Warmer temps and renewed energy is a’ knockin … so let’s embrace change. As nature slowly rebirths around us, let us spark new creativity, self-preservation and renewal within. It’s a beautiful life we are blessed with, ladies. Shouldn’t we grab hold of its beauty and make the best of it? Yes, we think so too.

Enjoy this March issue of Glo, packed full of great ideas for your journey this spring. I look forward to sharing exciting pathways ahead.

Happy March, all!

With warmest regards,

Sue Rawlinson

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