Everyone Deserves a Winning Room!

This stunning living room is the 2015 First Place Living Room Winner in Decorating Den’s Annual Dream Room contest. This year our contest of almost 300 rooms was judged by more than 24 editors of home design publications including Traditional Home, House Beautiful and Better Homes and Gardens, AP writers and book authors and home furnishing designers such as Libby Langdon.

So what makes this room a winner?

Color What an effective use of color. Blue is this homeowner’s color of choice. (Did I mention that blue is trending in my May glo article?) Blue is the foundation—starting with the boldly patterned area rug and continuing through the custom silky drapery panels.

Focal Point The oil painting above the comfortable sofa invites you into the room and provides the use of a variety of hues such as tangerine, apple green and various blues.

Proportion Each carefully selected item in this room belongs. For instance, the powder blue ottoman is the correct length and height for the sofa. The tables are paired perfectly with the lamps, which are correctly sized for the upholstered pieces.

Balance This room is visually balanced from one end to the other and has much symmetry.

Space There is plenty of room in which to walk and the seating is placed for easy conversation.

Shapes Notice how the dramatic trellis design in the area rug is repeated in a smaller scale in the contemporary wing back chairs and how the rectangular track arms of the sofa and occasional chairs are similar, which is also reflected in the ottoman.

Texture Such a variety is present from the smooth silk of the draperies to the velvet touch of the wool area rug to the classic linen surface of the sofa.

Rhythm Your eye is drawn to the focal point, the art, and easily moves around the room by repeating its colors and patterns.

Line Horizontal lines are restful and this room has strong horizontals starting with the bold drapery hardware and repeated in the straight line of the largest piece of furniture, the sofa.

Homeowner’s Style Preference Most importantly, the homeowner wanted this room (which is seen as soon as one enters the home) to be inviting, fresh and classic, and to properly reflect her taste and function for the room.

Talent, training and time are keys to creating a beautiful room and, yes, you deserve a winning room, too!

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