Eric Harris

Head winemaker/owner, Two EE’s winery

he-glows-fullSome journeys are most unpredictable. Such is the case for Eric Harris, head winemaker and co-owner of Two EE’s Winery in Huntington.

A bright student in high school and college, the Fort Wayne native excelled at science but working in a laboratory was not among his aspirations. A career in alcoholic beverages wasn’t on the horizon, either, at that time—and almost never was.

“One day my mom grabbed an old jug of cider… it was puffed-up from natural fermentation. I wanted to try a sip but she said it was alcoholic and dumped it down the drain… I imagine the one she dumped could very well have deterred me from my current profession… the scent of raw apple cider is reminiscent to the smell of vomit!” Eww. Thanks, Mom.

Harris later met his future wife, Emily Hart, and warmed to her father’s winemaking pastime. “He took me under his wing and we learned a lot making wine together… in fact, taking the hobby to a level some might call an obsession.” After marrying Emily, the young couple started the winery together.

His responsibilities at Two EE’s encompass crucial aspects of the winemaking business, including machine repair, setting work schedules, payroll and educating would-be connoisseurs on nuances of wine varieties.

So, thanks to a protective mom and a fellow enthusiast father-in-law, Harris pursues his passion each day, working side by side with his wife, continually striving for perfection—and making Two EE’s a prized Indiana destination.

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