Emily Hart

Event coordinator/owner, Two EE’s winery

she glowsFor many, it’s a romantic dream to own a winery, acknowledges Emily Hart, co-owner of Two EE’s Winery. While she is “honored” to be part of a small, family business, there’s much more to her day than the romantic idea of sipping wine at-will.

“We have daily tasks to keep the doors open just like any other business,” she said. “We’re just fortunate to have wine nearby to relax after a long day’s work!”

Raised in Fort Wayne, Hart discovered a passion for the stage. Show choir proved one outlet for her interest. Then she discovered the Miss USA pageant and won the title of Miss Indiana USA.

“I am grateful to have that be a chapter in my life,” she said. “I met a lot of great people and grew tremendously as a person,” she said. She also enjoyed hearing fans in Las Vegas, where the competition took place, shouting and rooting for the Indiana candidate.

Although Hart was initially apprehensive about pageants, she met several wonderful girls who welcomed her. She returns this kindness as a judge for local pageants and active involvement in the national pageant system, Miss America.

Hart strives to infuse fun, a smile and optimism into everything she does—whether spending free-time with husband Eric, buying merchandise or organizing private events at the winery. Emily’s advice? “Find time [each day] to look at yourself in the mirror and smile. This is how you want people to see you.”

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