Dry skin? From Flaky to Fab

The 3 most common face washing mistakes


Nothing kills a crisp, cool day like a red, dry face that begs to hide under your voluminous blanket scarf. Let’s face it. The bitter air of our Indiana winter season can be brutal to your skin. The American Academy of Dermatology defines dry skin as losing “too much water or oil.” Here are a few habits you should ditch this season in order to keep that peaches and cream complexion hydrated.

Mistake #1: RUBBING

Friction is no friend to facial skin, so while exfoliation is a wonderful thing, it needs to be kept under control (think once or twice a week). In fact, even rubbing too hard with a washcloth can cause irritation and tear up perfectly good skin, resulting in embarrassing flakes. Erika of Erika’s Day Spa recommends never skipping washing your face, though. “Splash a lot of warm water [on your face] and use a cotton ball with toner to wipe away the day’s debris,” she said. Steer clear of microbeads and scrubs if your skin is really ultra-sensitive, and when the washing is done, pat your face dry instead of wiping. Doesn’t that feel better?

Mistake #2: WAITING

Immediately after drying off, apply your favorite skincare products. Even minimal care involves toner and moisturizer, so don’t skimp on these even if you’re in a rush. Waiting too long after a shower allows the pores time to produce their own oil, and that oil prevents products from adhering to the skin properly. The use of moisturizer stops oil glands from producing too much oil (causing clogged pores) and allows you to control what kind of oil sits on your epidermis. Rubbing essential oils on your facial skin can be beneficial, and Erika recommends using night creams and Shea Butter soap to keep skin moisturized at night.

Mistake #3: SETTING

What cleanser are you using? Were you using it during the summer? Chances are that your skin has a different need for each season. During the summertime, you needed to battle sweat with a deep-cleansing product. But now it is cold and dry outside. Your skin doesn’t need a deep-cleanser; it needs a gentle soap. Also, if your skin is very dry, skip the lathering cleansers.

Skin is our largest organ and it is living and changing constantly. Just because a routine worked before doesn’t mean it will work again, so keep trying different solutions until you find the right one for you in the moment. Pay attention to the signals your skin is sending and try to respond accordingly—consider getting a skin analysis from professionals.

If all else fails, blanket scarves are pretty fashionable right now…


Belle Sante Medical Spa, Fort Wayne,
260.436.6900, bellesantemedspa.com

Erika’s Day Spa and Wellness Club, Fort Wayne,
260.436.2590, erikasdayspa.com

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