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connie-middletonConnie Middleton, DDS, considers herself a lucky woman. She works in a profession she loves AND does so with the man she loves (yes, that’s him on the facing page!) at Middleton Family Dentistry.

Dr. Connie credits her parents as her first role models. They emigrated from South Korea three years before she was born. “They arrived knowing little English and having only few dollars and some books. They accomplished so much in their lives and I am very proud to call them my parents. They have shown me how far you can go with a positive attitude, determination and a loving marriage,” she said.

A career in medicine was Dr. Connie’s dream. “When I was young, I wanted to be a psychiatrist like my father. Eventually, I realized that dentistry best fit my personality and skills. I love that I am able to get to know my patients. They become part of your family. It’s really exciting to hear their news of engagements, babies and other events in their lives.”

After graduating from Homestead, Dr. Connie attended DePauw University where she first met her husband, Mat. “I was always charmed by his good looks and friendly demeanor. But we didn’t start dating until dental school,” she said. “I had no idea that he wanted to be a dentist, too! I caught him in the hallway one day and reintroduced myself. It was the night of the dental school karaoke contest. We hung out and the rest is history!”

When not enjoying an active lifestyle with her husband, Dr. Connie works constantly to hone her skills to best meet the changing needs of their patients and of the profession. Personally, her religion is a big motivator. “My goal for myself is to always become a better person in Christ. My religion is a huge part of my life and I try to reflect that every day in our dental practice.”

Her patients and friends are very important to Dr. Connie, but family is her highest priority. Fortunately, she can enrich all of those relationships through her work. “When I graduated from dental school I knew I wanted to be a part of Mat’s family practice because of one word: family. Family is very important to both of us and that’s probably why we work so well as a team. We truly complement each other and support each other.”

Photo by Leaha Meinika

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