Double Duty Travel Beauty Products

With limited space in our luggage, it’s hard to stay looking our best while traveling. These well-traveled women have some suggestions of beauty and skincare products that can do double duty or more.

Debby Carreau, CEO and Founder of Inspired HR has a list of favorites:

  1. Eye drops not only keep dry tired eyes clear, they get rid of other red spots as well.
  2. Cocoa butter Vaseline works as a moisturizer, lip balm, makeup remover and highlight any areas you’d like to draw attention to.
  3. Crème blush can be used as blush and also for lips and eye lids
  4. Baby powder…can be used to keep your face shine free and can be used to hide oily hair or dark roots in a pinch.”

One versatile product that always makes the packing list of Kayla Jindra of Beneficial Blends LLC is Kelapo coconut oil. “(It) is a great moisturizer, make up remover, shiny hair, and even wonderful when shaving. I take two travel pouches of coconut oil along with me, instead of bringing six different beauty products.”

Travel writer and blogger Mariellen Ward at says “I rely on Aveda’s tinted moisturizer, which has an SPF of 15. And I use tinted lip balms with SPF as well.” Carmex Moisture Plus is one such product. She also recommends carrying a bottle of baby shampoo-body wash for a two-in-one effect.

As you pack, ask yourself what items in your grooming routine can do double duty, and choose those first to keep yourself looking great while traveling.

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