Donna Emley | Using Her Time To Live Fully

Donna Emley was adopted at 3-days-old by parents who were nearly 40. Because of this, she’s always considered her life to be a gift. “My parents were avid supporters of everything I did. I had a wonderful childhood and role models. They cultivated many things in me: creativity, self-expression, strong work ethic, faith, service, learning, exploring, and an openness to all people.” Nothing is more evident of these instilled values than the life Donna leads. She and husband, Dennis, have served on various non-profit boards over the past 25 years as co-owners of Fort Wayne’s Emley Design Group. The pair also run a small art gallery – gallery8010 – where they have their own photography and artwork, along with pieces from 30-40 regional and national artists. Donna, an avid painter with a degree from the American Academy of Art in Chicago, currently is a 10-year board member of Francine’s Friends, which provides area women with life saving screening mammographies in its mobile coach. Donna is a cancer survivor, and credits her husband with being her “rock and saving grace.” Additional inspirations include clients and non-profits: “We’ve worked with many business owners who have chased that American Dream. The same is true for the non-profits. Each mission, and the passion to fulfill that mission, inspires us every day.” Donna says a quote nicely sums up how she approaches her personal and professional life: “I would rather that my spark should burn out in a brilliant blaze than it should be stifled by dry-rot. The function of man is to live, not to exist. I shall use my time.”

Donna-Emley - Photo by Bonnie Manning, Feature Photographer

Donna-Emley – Photo by Bonnie Manning, Feature Photographer

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