“Diva” June 2016 Cover Art by Lisa Lea Bemish

About LisaLisa Lea Bemish

What does art mean to you?

It’s the love and passion of creating beautiful and interesting pieces of art, no matter the medium. Art is everywhere in everything. I can’t look at a single object or project and not think: How can I make that? Or change that? Or paint that?

What is your favorite medium?

I have to say, without a doubt, my favorite medium is oils. Oils have an immense spectrum of versatility and can be executed with the speed that keeps me driven when creating a piece. That being said, I have a lot of fun teaching paint parties in acrylic and Zentangle has started to become a bit of an obsession. But you only asked about my favorite so I digress! πŸ™‚

Where do you prefer to work on your art?

I have a simple little studio in my home that I love. I work best alone with no distractions from other people or family. Just me and some music or TVβ€”and my dogs are welcome. They don’t ask too many questions and interrupt the process.

What inspires you most?

Literally everything I must say. A beautiful sunset, a picture someone took on Facebook, other artwork. Things as small as nail art to as big as a mural to a simple snapshot of a cute moment caught on camera. Mother Nature never ceases to inspire me every day too.

Who is/are your biggest supporter(s)?

Without a doubt, my family, I owe them so much not only for their encouragement but the support to help me pursue my dreams. My art friends, also. I have a group of very talented artists around me who always support and encourage my art endeavors and accomplishments. Without any of them I would not be where I am today.

Where can we find more of your work?


diva glo cover art

Want to put your art on our front cover?

Give it a glo!
To submit your entry, send art as an e-mail attachment to srawlinson@the-papers.com or send a production-ready image on a CD via mail to: glo Magazine, Attention: Sue Rawlinson, PO Box 188, Milford, IN 46542.

The Nitty Gritty:
glo front covers are open to female artists. Submissions from all original 2D media (digital art photographs are OK) are welcome. Artwork must be photographed at a high-resolution (300+ dpi) for reproduction. Content should reflect a woman or women. Cover art selections are made at the discretion of glo staff. For cover placement, the artist will receive credit and added exposure via introductory copy and published photograph in a question and answer section.

Cover art is cropped to 10” wide x 13” high. Submitted cover art should be sized as 10.5” wide x 13.25” tall and, when possible, please allow 4.5” at top of artwork for glo masthead placement. The art chosen will confer rights to the cover image

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