Decor Direction: Function, Form, Budget

Summer is fun in the sun. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to travel to a vacation spot. Perhaps it’s an opportunity to spend time in your own backyard. If that’s the case, then you can create your own fun spot.

So, where do you start? It’s the same as planning a new look for the inside of your home.

1. Function. What do you like to do outside?

Play games such as volleyball, corn hole or badminton. Perhaps you find peace in gardening or enjoyment in throwing parties, cooking outdoors or just reading. Maybe telling ghost stories late into the evening over a fire pit sounds enjoyable. Perhaps an investment in a pool or hot tub makes sense for your family fun. You could involve everyone who is affected by this decision by creating a list of possible activities, have everyone number their favorites first to last, and total it up.

2. Form. How much space is required for your favorite past times?

Pools and volleyball courts will certainly eat up a lot of space but a volleyball court can be set up for temporary use. If having friends over is a common occurrence, ample seating is a must. And shade on a hot afternoon will provide relief from the summer sun. A fire pit must be placed well away from your home.

3. Budget. How much you spend will impact your plans.

It’s safe to say that an in-ground pool will be at the upper end while a book from the library will be most cost effective!

Now the fun part! Creating a fun space!

Color makes the biggest impact whether indoors or outdoors. Even if you are hesitant to add color to your interior, be adventurous outdoors and experiment with bright, bold colors. Flowers, shrubs, furniture, pots, rugs, pillows and accessories can all bring vibrant color to your outdoor “room.” Your background color is likely green and blue so “travel” across the color wheel to reds, oranges and yellows.

A decorator might start with the color of the flowers that do well in your yard and that you like. The hues that yellow marigolds, red roses and pink petunias can all be repeated (which is a principle of design) in other objects. Cushions on a chair, pots on the deck, umbrella over the table and even the dishes you use can all complete your plan and add a fun, festive touch.


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