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Let’s face it, with summer ending and classes beginning, getting back into the swing of things is a challenge for the entire family. Encouraging our children to do well in school is our responsibility. Chaos, kids and conflict are not a good combination, so let’s enlist their help in structuring a place and time for school work that functions best for the family.

Two Steps to Harmonious Homework

1. Design a specific place for studying.

  • a. It should be a quiet place with no distraction.
  • b. It should include a surface for writing and computer work.
  • c. It should have a comfortable spot for reading.
  • d. It must have suitable tools close at hand (notebook, pencils, paper, scissors, appropriate lighting, etc.)

2. Create a space in which he/she will want to be.

  • a. You should select colors that they love.
  • b. The space should include their hobbies and interests.
  • c. You should select appropriately sized furnishings.

Check out the pictures on this page. See the bright, bold colors in the girl’s room? How could she resist being in this room? It will easily transition from middle school through high school. The desk and chair under a window provide her with a great place for schoolwork and getting ready in the morning. The tall bookcase is ideal for books, school supplies and paraphernalia. She will look forward to reading assignments if she is lying on that inviting bed. It is covered in a timeless toile of black and white with a custom canopy that introduces a bright spicy hue. This same coral is repeated on the walls and on the fluffy textured poufs at the foot of the bed. The white furniture in this room helps soften the bold colors.

Is your child a sports fan? Then, incorporating this love is a fantastic way to encourage them to be proud of their bedroom. This boy’s room highlights his passion for football. More importantly, it utilizes the space in an imaginative way. He has a cozy desk and chair under his bunk bed creating a room-within-a-room. It has lighting, bookcases and a bulletin board. He can read while sitting on the pull-out bed or his chair. The extra sleep space is great for sleep-overs and the valance announces to all who enter that this is Adrian’s room.

Let your child share in the plan for creating their space. It just might reduce conflict and increase family harmony.

By Sue Hoaglund | Decorating Den Interiors

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