December Date Night

Shouldn’t date night be a routine for us all? Of course it should. So grab your man and enjoy this month’s plan….

DECEMBER: NBA Game + Secret Gift

nba-game-date-nightA plethora of holiday parties. Social gatherings with family and friends. Maybe a lights presentation or musical performance to celebrate the season. These events will happen in December. They’re great, but they’re standard for the holidays, right? Why not have a ‘different’ night with your man? One where hostess gifts are not required. There’s no side dish to bake. And no need for sparkly stilettos.

Instead, grab a ball cap and see an NBA game, with your beau. And who knows… maybe he’ll steal a smooch on the kiss-cam.

Must Have’s

Ponytail Holder

No need for lengthy curling to the locks tonight. Just pull up a pony and push it through a…


Yes, tonight wear your favorite ball cap. It’s easy, festive… and dudes like it when a girl looks cute in a cap.

Dangling Earrings

Wearing a pony is the perfect style for some long, dangly earrings. And the jewelry shouldn’t stop there. Wear some…


That’s plural. Wear multiple bracelets at once. You’ll love the look.

Skinny Jeans

Casual but sexy. Wear your skinny jeans to the game… plus skinny jeans fit perfectly when you also wear…

Long Boots

Just because you’re at a game doesn’t mean your style can’t come too. Wear your long boots with your skinny jeans.

White Tunic

They’re the rage. They’re comfortable. They’re great for layering when it’s a tad toasty in the stadium, or elsewhere. To complete the outfit, cover your tunic with the tailored look of a …

Black jacket

It’s casual but tailored. Cool but classy. And it’ll finish off your NBA date night outfit perfectly.


Don’t forget it! You’ll want it to hold your necessities for the evening—including your lipstick as well as a special gift.

Surprise Gift from Santa

Surprise your man with a small gift he’s not expecting. Have it wrapped and hidden in your purse. After the game, hand him your surprise. He’ll appreciate the forethought and he’ll remember the special night so out-of-the-norm for the holidays. Definitely a bit of Christmas magic.

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