Darren Will | President of Fort Wayne’s Will Jewelers

he-glowsGrowing up in a family of 10 children, Darren Will’s role models were his parents. “My dad taught us a lot about fixing things and hard work. My mom, who’s still doing great at 86, has been a huge inspiration. Can you imagine cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, keeping the house organized and never complaining? She’s my angel and an inspiration to all of us.” The family’s size afforded a trove of good memories. “My mom and dad would pile us all in a station wagon and take us to Colorado for vacations. We grew up in the country, had horses, barns to hang out in, snowmobiles and motorcycles, but we also worked extremely hard.” Will learned in his father’s store how to repair jewelry. He earned a graduate gemologist degree, then returned to the store to provide mainly appraisals. “But I soon found that I missed the bench (working on jewelry).” He also trained several female goldsmiths to repair jewelry. Will and his wife, Sherri, have been married 34 years. But he doesn’t always go the easy route on Valentine’s Day. “I do give jewelry a lot, but I like to change it up sometimes and give flowers or go out for a nice dinner. My advice to men who will be shopping for jewelry on Valentine’s Day is to check out what your significant other may or may not have, and to listen for subtle hints from them.”

Written by Jodi Magallanes, Feature Writer
Photo by Bonnie Manning, Feature Photographer

Chic shoes (BCBGeneration Cherry Heels, RTV: $98) provided by Carson’s, Glenbrook Shopping Center

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