Curtis Smith – 21Alive Chief Meteorologist

Curtis-SmithWhen Curtis Smith, chief meteorologist at 21Alive, isn’t forecasting the weather, it’s likely he’ll be found spending time with family, working, golfing or connecting with viewers—something he finds very rewarding.

Smith serves on two boards: Science Central and HearCare Connection, and said they are a microcosm of two of the most important things in his life—science and serving others in the name of God and trying to spread his love to other people. Outside of those two organizations, Smith loves giving back by serving as an emcee or a speaker at many events supporting causes in the area.

Born in Memphis, Tenn., Smith moved to Fort Wayne 20 years ago to become the weekend weather anchor at 21Alive, and 10 months later was promoted to the weekday news, where he has been ever since.

His early role models were parents and grandparents. “My parents were hardworking people who invested much in the people in their lives, and my grandparents were the salt of the earth, caring deeply about everyone. My grandmother just turned 98 and to this day is still an amazing woman who is physically active and mentally sharp.”

Smith said he doesn’t have any regrets. “I have a wonderful wife of 21 years (Jessie) and three sons (Brooks, Jake and Luke), and my career has gone better than I imagined it would. My job has developed into not just forecasting the weather and telling people about it (which is important), but it has become a stage for me to go on mission trips and to speak at events in line with my beliefs.”

Smith said most of his mentoring abilities have been poured into his three sons. “I have no daughters, so I haven’t had a chance to be around a lot of females who are younger than I am.” If he were to pass along any words of wisdom to others it would be to love God and love others. “If we all did that more consistently, I think everything else would fall into place.”

What’s the future hold for Smith? “Mainly, my future plans are to just keep doing what I am doing.” He and his wife think the ‘Bucket List’ concept is a funny one, but every time the topic comes up, he falls back to the same three items: attending The Masters, visiting Scotland to play St. Andrews Golf Course and visiting Italy

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