Congratulations to Cover Artist Donna Berghoff Ballinger

Title of piece:

“Out of the Ordinary”

Inspiration behind piece:

dec-15-coverThe inspiration for this piece is the concept of taking the ordinary, and making it an expression of a much larger and complex idea. The tags basically give the details, the ‘facts.’ Seen individually, they are usually clipped off and quickly discarded. The designs and variety of these tags, when viewed from another perspective, become something unique, interesting and important, not merely small, insignificant and disposable. I like that.

About Donna

What Does Art Mean to You?

Donna Berghoff BallingerTrying to define ‘art’ is much like trying to define ‘faith’ or ‘love’ or ‘family.’ It is the ‘one’ of everything and also the sum of all that is. The ordinary becomes the extraordinary. The beauty, meaning and value is inherent—in everything. Art provides another venue for seeing. Art is allowing awareness to become observation, which leads to appreciation and culminates in feeling. Art is noticing and then recognizing the extraordinary that already exists in the ordinary.

What is your favorite medium?

My favorite medium is usually the one with which I am currently involved. Color, pattern, shape in all forms fascinate me with their powerful potential.

Where do you prefer to work on your art?

My home most consistently provides the elements that encourage and allow me to work. Being able to step away from the restraints and restrictions of time is freeing in many ways.

What inspires you most?

As an art teacher and a parent, I try to encourage sensing art in everyday life. Setting the table, decorating a cake, gardening and putting outfits together are great examples. Art surrounds us.

Who is/are your biggest supporter(s)?

Any list I could make of my biggest supporters begins with my husband, Ken, and our five children. Their constant and unconditional love and acceptance have been the foundation for everything else. Living with an artist is often chaotic, untidy and unstructured. I imagine my family thinking, “My wife/mom is an artist; that explains a lot.” I like to imagine that they ‘see’ life a bit differently and appreciate more fully their own uniqueness and creativity. In any case, they are the reason that I can be me, and for that, I am entirely and sincerely grateful.

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