Chris Moore | Striving to Make Lives Better

In 1995, Chris Moore survived a plane crash with four friends. Flying in the dark over a ceiling of dense clouds, the unseen mountains around them were 1,000 feet higher. He says it was like a horrible auto crash, but 10 times in a row. In the end, however, all hearts were still beating. “When life is almost snatched away, it is forever viewed in a new light,” said Moore. “The secret to life isn’t surviving, but touching as many people as you can while you are here.” With the time he’s been given, Moore has been a private wealth advisor and owner of Moore & Associates for 25 years. He actually followed in his father’s footsteps after a fear of needles prompted him to drop out of a pre-med program, despite a 4.0 GPA. Moore not only provides financial planning, but mentors his young staff members. “I am honored to work closely with a number of female staff members,” said Moore, who says his goal is to lead the next generation (including his three children) to foster innovative thinking that positively contributes to society. Moore’s greatest mentor is his own grandmother, whose generous spirit, words of wisdom and funny laugh linger in his memory. “We lived in a small town,” said Moore, an avid baseball fan. “I always enjoyed picking green beans and then canning them with my grandmother. When I remember (her), I think of those special times. I believe the inspiration comes from memories of lingering impressions and simple events that stand out from our day-to-day lives.” A Fort Wayne resident for several decades, Moore is involved in many community organizations, especially children’s charities like Mad Anthony’s Children’s Foundation, Mad Anthony’s Children’s Hope House and the Boys and Girls Club. The secret to life, says Moore, “is about whose life can I help change? How can I make it better?”


Written by Rebekah Whirledge, Editor of glo | Photo by Bonnie Manning, Feature Photographer
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