Beth Goldsmith Daughter + REALTOR®

Beth-GoldsmithAs the daughter of a preacher, Beth grew up in a parsonage owned by the church. She credits her upbringing as influential in her life as an adult. “My folks allowed me to be an independent thinker and always demonstrated love, acceptance and praise even when they did not agree with all my views or opinions,” she said. “Their self-sacrificing, servant leadership taught me the importance of giving to the greater community. I still admire their commitment to give time, energy and monetary donations to philanthropic endeavors.”

Beth has numerous mentors and positive role models, including real estate professional Brian Buffini and life coach and fellow cancer survivor Kelli Snyder, whom she meets with regularly. “We have bi-monthly conference calls to review goals, action plans and track progress,” Beth explained. “Taking a break to be honest with myself and another person on how my actions and behaviors are in line with my stated values is not always easy, but is extremely rewarding.”

Beth also admires her parents and considers them influential in her life. “I’m grateful for a healthy relationship with both of my parents,” she said. “My dad and I have a fun-loving, let’s-go-exploring kind of relationship. We both like to rise early and get our exercise done for the day. His self-discipline has always inspired me because it is sincere. He does not work out for vainglory or recognition. I appreciate the way my father demonstrates the ritual of morning discipline to shape a good day physically, mentally and spiritually.”

Beth has survived great obstacles in her life, and has the strength of her family to overcome them. “My parents exemplified facing challenges and solving problems rather than trying to avoid or escape them,” Beth explained. “ The greatest challenge we faced as a family was the death of my sister at 45 years old from breast cancer. Another personal challenge was my own diagnosis with breast cancer and then the death of my brother-in-law from cancer. I feel the pressure to make each day count. Life’s challenges have inspired me to do more and be more than I would have without those challenges.”

With such great life role models, Beth has also learned to return the favor. “I have learned that I must also give assistance to others,” she said. “The circle of learn-practice-achieve-give helps us grow from stability to success to a life of significance. When my life is over, I hope that it will have been of significance to others.”

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