Best Hair Tips ‘n’ Tricks

Want to get a fresh new look but not sure what to do first? Why not start with a hair makeover? Switching up a hairstyle can be one of the most drastic and impressive ways of reinventing oneself.

However, knowing what you want and how to communicate that to a stylist can be a little daunting, so we’ve assembled a few tips and tricks to get you ready for the new you.

Cut & Style

• For the most flattering cut, first determine your facial shape. Then Google cuts and styles for that particular shape. The idea is to keep a person’s facial features visually proportional, while enhancing all the positives.

Which face shape are you?

Which face shape are you?

• Assess your hair’s texture and choose a cut that works well with it. For thin or silky hair, opt for volumizing layers. For thick, course or wavy hair, keep those locks longer than chin length—the extra weight will help reduce frizz and bushiness.


  • It’s a good idea to apply a deep-conditioning hair mask a few days prior to the appointment. This will help the hair hold the pigments.
  • Bring in a photo of the desired color. Simply describing it leaves much to interpretation, and the results may not be as expected.
  • Take future maintenance into consideration. The more drastic a deviation from your natural color, the more often you’ll need to return for root touch-ups.


hair extensionsFor added length and volume, hair extensions are the way to go. These have been many celebrities’ beauty secret for quite some time, and now the Hollywood treatment is readily available to the general public. It is important to educate yourself on the different options and techniques available, and yes, prices vary greatly. Local stylist at Profiles Hair Studio and master of cosmetology Arielle Black weighed in on the trend.

“The best kinds of extensions are actually bonded into your hair,” said Black, “but they can cost hundreds of dollars. I love the ease of clip-in extensions. If you buy ones made out of human hair you can cut and color them. Clip-ins come in different lengths, but I would say you wouldn’t want extensions any more than six inches longer than your natural hair or there’s almost no way to blend them in.”

Special Treatments

Brazilian Blowout: A controversial hair straightening sensation that’s sure to put a hefty dent in the ol’ wallet. The upside is having smooth, sleek hair that requires no flat iron or product. The downside is the dangerous chemical cocktail associated with the procedure.

Malibu: Essential for avid swimmers and women with hard water. A Malibu treatment removes damaging mineral deposits such as iron and chlorine.

Wedding Up-Do Tips

wedding hair-doWith wedding season fast approaching, we asked Arielle Black and owner of Southwest Hair & Day Spa Shirley Williams for some advice on achieving the perfect up-do.

Black: Make sure your hair is dirty that day—it’s very hard for curls to stay when the hair is clean. If you have an oily scalp, the stylist can use dry shampoo at the roots. Also, if you’re using bobby pins in fine hair, spray them with hairspray first.

Williams: Trade the traditional heavy veil for a more delicate headpiece. It’s more about the hairstyle that way. A Halo Couture extension is a great way to enhance long hair and achieve that Cinderella look. It can be taken down and worn again whenever added length or volume is desired. Hair integration can be worn by anyone if thicker hair is needed or to add detail.

It’s All About the ‘40s

Both stylists agree on this popular wedding style. “To get the soft, full waves reminiscent of ‘40s styles, barrel curl all the same direction, either away from or towards the face,” said Black. “Then spray and pin up the curls and let them cool. When you let them down, comb them all in the same direction.” Williams suggested adding a cage headpiece to complete the look.

Ultimately, the real magic happens when there’s good communication between the client and stylist. Williams advises brides to come in with an idea and then ask their stylist for more. “The best style usually is one the stylist creates after a great consultation.” she said.

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