The Benefits of Escorted Touring

The question comes up a lot: Should I go on an escorted tour, or try and do everything on my own? Escorted touring is available almost anywhere in the world — from regional discoveries in the U.S., the Canadian Rockies, South America, Australia, and the most popular, Europe.

Escorted tours have local tour guides who not only know their way around the area, but can help with the language barrier, check in and out of hotels, help with currency conversions and find hidden gems off the beaten path. This alleviates stress — you can worry less about the hurdles that come with planning on your own.

When traveling in a group, you are with like-minded travelers who want to see the same attractions. They are your family for the duration of the trip and friendships can be built to last a lifetime. Most tours offer first-class hotel accommodations right in the heart of the area being toured. Imagine walking five minutes out of your hotel in Paris and seeing the Eiffel Tower! If that isn’t for you, though, there are also tours that stay on the outskirts of cities, in the countryside. There are more than enough accommodation choices. If you are going on a tour, you are likely choosing a destination with major attractions. Not only will your tour include these spots, but some companies allow you to skip the general public lines and go right to the front. This is a major perk as you get the most out of your time at these attractions.

Two of the biggest misconceptions in escorted touring is limited free time and uncomfortable transportation. In every tour, you are given enough free time during the day to enjoy sites on your own. Although it will not be as much time as you would get doing a tour on your own, you will not feel short-changed on the time you do get. Transportation is usually by luxury motor coaches, which have heating/air conditioning, comfortable seating and luggage storage. With an escorted tour, luggage is delivered to your hotel room and picked up on travel days. When you travel on your own, you have to carry your own bags. Breakfast and dinner are usually included most days, with the ability to have lunch at a local favorite.

Escorted tours are hassle-free, in-depth vacationing. Most of the world is open to escorted touring! 

Article provided by Alison Finco, CTC with Advance Travel, 6049 E. State Blvd., Fort Wayne

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