Behind the Bust

Welcome to Behind the Bust. Here, glo shares words of hope—direct from breast cancer survivors themselves, as well as comments from artists who donated expertise (at the Bust A Move fundraiser, Oct. 2015). And all in support of our area’s women enduring cancer. Be inspired by the stories that truly are Behind the Bust.

“Behind the Bust” Survivor: WILLIE TAYLOR

artist Rebecca Stockert (left); survivor Willie Taylor (right) Photo by Lauren Richwine

artist Rebecca Stockert (left); survivor Willie Taylor (right) Photo by
Lauren Richwine

Please tell us about your treatment and recovery. I kept the faith that I would get well. I had no doubts about it as I had the best doctors. From my chemo doctor, Dr. Lakshmi Aggarwal—who had a great bedside manner to my radiation doctor, Dr. David Trenker, and all the nurses at Cancer Service were excellent. They helped me with all the things I needed; truly everything.

If you have one rule by which you now live your life, what would that be? The rule I live by is to be healthy and to make sure I do self-breast exams every month. Any advice for women facing diagnosis and treatment? Put God first and keep the faith. Don’t give up. You learn to live with hope and know that God is the source of all things. He is in control of the doctors, too. Just believe in the doctors and God.


What was the inspiration behind your design? I combined the elements of growth, fire and water visually on the bust…the shapes can be viewed as leaves (growth), flames (fire) or droplets (water)… these elements are what I imagine a person diagnosed with and surviving cancer to endure… the physical and emotional burn of diagnosis and treatment, the flooding rush of relief of hearing the word remission, and the personal growth that can occur when people are faced with life-shattering challenges.

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