Back to School Fitness Time for Moms

While summer likely meant a freer, easier schedule and perhaps one too many ice cream runs, the beginning of the new school year marks the ideal time for moms to make their fitness a priority. Here’s how.

  1. Recommit. “Try to get 25-30 minutes or more of exercise every day. You will sleep better, feel better and eat better if you do,” advises Dave Peters, owner of Summit City Fitness in Fort Wayne. Walking is a good place to start. In addition, commit to drinking more water and getting more sleep.
  2. “Run” errands. “Running is a great and convenient form of exercise, in particular, that can be done with little equipment, and at any location. It’s even fun sometimes to ‘run’ those errands and multitask for some exercise!” says Jamie Walker, co-founder of SweatGuru, a “marketplace that connects people with fitness classes and experiences.”
  3. A “class” act: Peters says his facility offers over 40 classes a week where women enjoy camaraderie and fitness at the same time. They also offer trainers on a regular basis.
  4. Give your fitness a “lift”: “Strength training builds muscle and muscle burns fat. There is a misconception that this will make women ‘bulky.’ Practice with low reps and what is a responsible or safe ‘heavy’ weight for you and you will not get bigger,” says Oscar Agramonte, certified thrive trainer, SFG Kettlebell instructor, FMS certified.

The best way to recommit? “Just make up your mind that you want to start,” says Peters. Then do it.

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