August Date Night

Shouldn’t date night be a routine for us all? Of course it should. So grab your man, and enjoy this month’s plan….


canoeSerenity at its finest. Lazily gliding on a glistening river, the sun smooching the skin and nature views rarely seen in daily life. It’s you, your man and a steady current beneath the canoe.

Then after the day’s adventure, you’re both sunbaked and ready to chill with some frosty froth. With the explosion of excellent breweries in our region, the only difficulty will be choosing which one (or two) to visit!

Save Your Sole(s)

Capsizing is a possibility—and swimming is likely—so save your soles and toes from what can be rocky, jagged river bottoms (or nasty mush). Water shoes are a definite must-have—so grab a pair for your honey, too. Most dudes won’t have ‘em already.

Sprays to Savor the Day

With this summer’s rain, mosquitoes are rampant! Pack a waterproof bag with bug spray and sunscreen. Then say good-bye to bites and burns. And to bring shades? Of course!


Unusual birds, trees and landmarks abound along many riverways. Bring binoculars and relish in the small details before you—don’t miss a thing!

Hydrate your Soul Mate

Pack plenty of water in a cooler (as well as carefully-chosen-just-for-you-two snacks) and include a small garbage bag to easily gather your trash. You’re such a planner! He’ll notice.

Brew for your Dude

Show your adventurous-try-anything-style with various fun, new brews. Cheers!

Sunlovin’ Swimsuit

Wear a swimsuit that makes you feel your very best. Today is about relaxation, sun, lovin’ and fun. Be comfy and let the golden glow above kiss your skin, too. (Wear sunscreen though!)

In the Hoodie

Pack a zip-up hoodie for the day’s adventure— and keep it dry! Once you’re off water and belly-up at the brewery, you’ll be glad to have it.

Safety First

No matter how strong of swimmers you and your honey may be, bring along life vests. Safety first, friends.

On this date, have some laughs together, enjoy new experiences and revel in nature’s beauty. And we think he’ll revel in yours.

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